TAVES 2014 Wrap-Up

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The Toronto Audio Visual Entertainment Show was a great success. The Jolt Art Exhibit component was as one lady put it “a breath of fresh air” for for event goers.  Along side OCAD University, York University and Centennial College; the Brockton Collective showed the most work with over 50 pieces. We also had 6 Live painters during the 3 day event. We are please to say that it was very well received and that we also sold the most work. About about 10% of all the art that was made available was sold. From the live painting component we sold about 50% of the work.

It is important to note that this was the first time we showed outside our original location at Dufferin St. Although the show had an admittance fee ranging from $18-$36 it did not stop people from attending. The exhibit was seen by over 6000 people. Needless to say, we have learned a variety of things in doing this event that will benefit us in the future from large scale organizing to how to increase our sales.

I would like to thank all the artists that participated in this exhibit and our volunteers. A special thanks to Setaj Ladd, Dario Quintos, Sarah Kravetz, Allan Turton, Takenori Kikuta and Jimmy Chiale, without you guys it would have almost been impossible.

TAVES 2014 Artist.
Adam Chapman
Allan Turton
Beck Pura
Bradford Wilson
Brandonn Martin
Cathy Hunt
Elyse marshall
Getachew Fantu
Giuseppe Fantanarosa
Huy Lam
Izaak Sacrebleu
J Ti
James Ellis
Jarrett Heckbert
Javid JAH
Jay Rangam
Jimmy Chiale
Karey Spady
Kurt Rostek
Mel Coleman
Patricia Wong
Phillip Saunders
Sayla de Goede
Shirley Mpagi
Sierra Nallo
Takenori Kikuta
Tau Lewis
Timothy Hunter
Tobias Wang
Tresor Ziev


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