TAVES 2015 Warp

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The Brockton Collective had another successful year at the Toronto Audio Visual Consumer Show. Along with Richmond Hill Studio Tour and Centennial College, Brockton injected an exhilarating  artistic dimension into the conference, by once again showcasing our annual “Jolt Art Exhibit”.

We were well-received, and had plenty of exposure to a diverse group of folks from throughout the GTA- with over 6,500 TAVES attendees.

Photo Life Magazine and Snapd came by the exhibit with plenty of interest, and questions for the Brockton contingency. We look forward to the possibility of further exposure in these publications.

The Brockton is an innovative collective. We are sociologically astute; we recognize that art exists across a dynamic cultural landscape. As such, we purposefully seek out novel and exciting contexts for our artists to showcase their talents. We take these opportunities to learn how to achieve success in such contexts. TAVES is a consumer show, and we have learned through our participation both this year and last year, how to better engage our audience within this particular milieu. For example methods and styles of curation must be fluid and malleable, in order to navigate unique artistic spaces. In short, future curation strategies – when it comes to shows hosted in spaces similar to TAVES- will be actively informed by both the venue and the demographic that attends the event.

The traditional gallery approach does not necessarily work across all spaces and audiences. Exhibiting at diverse events is important and required in order to help us to grow and evolve as a collective.

We would like to thank all of our participating artists:

As always, the Collective relies on active members. Without their participation events like this would not be possible. So we would like to thank you for your participation and beautiful artwork.



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