Goodbye Studio!


Well the time has come to say goodbye to our first studio.

After 3 amazing years our time at 442-A Dufferin St. in Toronto has run out. The Landlord has plans for the building that no longer involve a sprawling art collective, especially one as busy and loud as ours. At this point the option to renew our lease is not available and the landlord has expressed his interest in having  quieter tenants. However, as luck would have it, we no longer require what has been our hive and we are now free to expand our horizons; not only in Toronto but across the country and eventually the globe.

This now marks the next phase of our evolution, a phase that will connect us to more artists, more venues and more markets. The Brockton Collective is not down and out; we are alive and kicking, planning our growth and future endeavours. We will continue working to promote and showcase our artists and their works.

We’re just getting started!

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