Brockton Presents: #ARTLAST

Date & Time

Thu, Jun 26 2014 @ 7:00 pm


Yes… The Brockton Collective Inc is closing the gallery on Dufferin.
It’s been 3 great years that the collective been working with more than 200 local artists and I (Jimmy Chiale) had the amazing chance to curate some of my first group shows there and meet all kind of great artists and people, 
NOW I have the pleasure to curate the very last art show there, If i could I would bring all the artists that exhibited there into this art show and party but there are too many so I’ll just pick some of my favourites and thats about 56 artists;

Allan Turton
Allison Ally Kamino
Amy Taylor
Andre Alexander
Andre Kan
Apanaki Temitayo M
Billy Franklin
Chris Perez
Christina Mazulla
Curtiss Randolph
Dave Setrakian
Ehab Arafeh
Elsabet Wubie
Erica Marie
Francis Pratt
Gabrielle Lasporte
Gillian Mapp
James Burke
James Ellis
James Hewitt
Jamil Keyani
Janelle Lee
Jonathan Nuss
Jonathan Rakhsha
Karim Romero
Kylie Chadwick
Mark Bal
Matt Cohen
Melisa Cole Harrison
Mori Yoko
Moses Kofi
Nadine Stillman
Natascha T Malta
Oreka James
Phillip Saunders
Sara Golish
Sarah Gilmore
Sarah M Al-Hage
Saurin Aran Galloway
Scott Boniface
Sean Gold
Shirley Mpagi
Simone Hamilton
Tobias Wang
Vivianna Gomez
Vladimir Kato
Yanick Hunter
Zaque C
Zara Diniz

there will be no theme in particular it will just be a showcase of their best pieces. They will show what they do best for their last show at this great location full of memories .
The Brockton collective will open their online gallery in July where they will be showcasing and selling their members work.

no cover (Donate what you can at the door)
Dj FRESH and Shabbaz Frankline
Drinks and Snacks!

442a Dufferin street


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