Elyse Marshall


Elyse Marshall

Birth Date



Toronto, Ontario

Art Type

Traditional Visual Arts, Modern Visual Arts


Painting, Photography, Sculpting


Elyse Marshall is a colour enthusiastic abstract artist from Toronto. Colour has always been an interest to her and is one of the main focuses in her paintings. Elyse uses colour, lines, shapes, patterns and texture to convey a message to the viewer. Stretching the boundaries of what colours can do, say or mean, she leaves the viewer to form their own conclusions. Elyse draws inspiration from almost anything ranging from music, nature, feelings, fashion, everyday life to decor but also curiosity. Curiosity drives Elyse to create and express herself without rules to hinder her creativity. She paints to please herself and is unapologetic with her approach in using colour. Colours are known to carry a particular feeling or energy and that is what Elyse often explores. Colour is her passion, it ignites her creativity.

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