Saira de Goede


Saira de Goede

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Toronto, Ontario

Art Type

Traditional Visual Arts


Acting, Dancing, Design, Modeling, Painting, Sculpting, Styling, Writing


My Favourite tool is my imagination. I am always curious where it will take me and never quite certain of its outcome. This is what drives me to keep painting.
While painting, I have a lot of fun with the aspect of fantasy. Almost every little girl has imagined themselves as a mermaid swimming in the sea or a Warrior Fairy where the sky has no limit and flower petals are our Wings.
Life can also be hard sometimes and I try to combine the REAL and the RAW
with fantasy. Tapping into that broad playground I fell in love with the experience of how openly I can play with colors, textures, feeling and flow in my paintings. My inspiration comes from the soul and the feelings and battles that go on within every human being. I use various styles and techniques to capture the sensations I’m trying to portray.
I love using a wide variety of materials to create depth and intricacy and am fascinated by the different effect each medium has the capacity to portray and get excited about combining techniques and colours to make unique and striking images.
I am always aspiring to be the best I can be and to constantly develop the skills to do so. My favourite part about what I do is noticing progress in my work.
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