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Born in Paris, France 1987, Jimmy was enchanted at a young age with the idea of living like Picasso; in his studio surrounded by paintings and people who would engage in conversation over his work. He immersed into drawing at a very young age. Starting with simple Disney and comic book characters. He knew fell in love with drawing and felt reassured that this was what he was meant to do. When Jimmy moved to Toronto in 2006 he experimented with different techniques, mediums and surfaces.

Since then he has been commissioned to paint indoor and outdoor murals, skateboards, longboards, shoes and clothes. He has worked cooperatively with various artists and musicians over the past 8 years and has found his own sense of style. He is influenced by everyday life, strong feelings of love, anger, happiness and sadness.

He feels compelled to paint daily and therefore starts one or two paintings every day. He is obsessed with abstract composition and texture. He says his paintings are windows of the mind and come from the subconscious soul. Many of his paintings have eyes, which he says are all connected somehow and a symbol of our society today.

JIMMY CHIALE’S vivid canvases are a mash up of emotional construction of symbols and representations. His works are an immediate reaction to his environment and daily life, an imprint of his identity at that moment in time.

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