Photographers Without Borders – Exhibit HIDDEN CITY- Feb 29

HIDDEN CITY by PWB @ The Brockton Collective Feb 29  7pm-11pm
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Media Coverage by She Does The City


An exhibition to honour the industrial underworld of the cities we love, and the artists that bring this new and alternate perspective to life in their work.

Urban exploration has many forms – it starts with a gaze-the creation of a new perspective to shed light on what our used and unused spaces mean to us.

Hidden City is an exposition of creativity – the eyes and lenses of photographers who go farther; taking steps, leaps and plunges into a world where most of us will never set foot, while others shed new light on commonplace urban terrain to reignite the beauty that is so often lost in the flat backdrop of the daily grind.

Metal. Light. Sewage. Glass. Concrete. Art. Exploration. Skill. Innovation. Appreciation.

See the world through a new lens

Che Kothari
Lachlan McVie
Geoff Gillstrom
Jeremy Kai
& many many more

Prints available for purchase with a portion of proceeds going to buyer’s choice of PWB’s partnered charities


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