Noelle Hunt


Noelle Hunt



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Modern Visual Arts


Other, Painting


Internationally-known Canadian artist Noelle Hunt works in a studio full of her muses collectible pieces of vintage kitsch. Her work, under the name WickedDollz, has been featured in magazines and celebrity homes around the world.

One reviewer wrote, “Ms. Hunt’s style can best be described as “nouveau retro.” Gathering inspiration from pin-up girls, big-eyed children, pity puppies and tiki bars, Noelle studies the objects of her affection and reshapes them in a modern style. Her artwork, like her personality, is delightfully unpretentious.

Noelle’s early work, revolving around disturbing representations of the female form, echoed a tragic eating disorder that nearly took her life. Her recent work, however, is inspired by lighter, nostalgic things, like Big Eyed Dolls and Mattel’s Liddle Kiddles, as well as newer dolls like Pullips, and Takara Blythe. Now, with tongue set firmly in cheek, she continues to express her own brand of humor and exorcise the demons.

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