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Daniel Anaka

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Toronto, ON Canada

Art Type

Traditional Visual Arts, Modern Visual Arts, Literary Arts, General & Critique, Service


Design, Editing, Painting, Photography, Writing


Daniel Anaka is appreciably a self-taught artist, specializing in acrylic and oil painting and drawing, having acquired knowledge and skill through his own initiative, rather than through formal art education. Daniel has become acquainted with other fine art professionals, having worked along side his colleagues, it has been extremely beneficial to his knowledge in several mediums. He has also studied and practiced out of respected books, and has an eye for disassembling an artist’s process when viewing their work. Additional material and process workshops have been taken, furthering his mastery and application of all mediums.

Daniel Anaka is also a photographer, and graphic designer with over ten years experience in instructing fine art. He has taught within several institutions and community based programs, such as Visual Arts Mississauga, Visual Arts Brampton, Beaux Arts Brampton, Chapters Books and privately out of his studio. He has helped assemble portfolios with students applying for known fine art universities such as, Ontario College of Art and Design and Sheridan College Trafalgar. He has also coached students in producing work for an exhibit. Daniel is a full-time artist and has been actively exhibiting his artwork since 2003. He began his fine art photography and freelance graphic design projects shortly after in 2005.

Daniels contemporary and classical art lessons have included the subjects of art fundamentals, drawing, portraiture, figurative, still life, landscape, wildlife, abstract, color theory, materials and process and creative concept. He has taught the following mediums of acrylic, oil, charcoal, graphite, conte, pastel, colored pencil, pen, ink, and mixed media. He has taught students privately one-on-one, and classes of up 15 students of all ages and levels of experience. Dynamic and resourceful professional with a proven track record, genuinely interested in the creative growth of his students and artist community. His lessons are incredibly inspirational, relaxed, fulfilling, and infused with motivational energy. He understands that his students learn in various ways, at different levels and discover their talents at a different pace. The lesson plans created focus on each individuals existing ability and each class has supplementary literature to assist students. Additional take-home exercises are given to those who would like to excel, with further assistance and support outside of the classroom. His firm and challenging approach trains dedicated students into becoming professional artists.

Daniel Anaka remains unconventional, confident, and consistently persistent in refining his abilities and approaches in the visual arts. He is now actively painting in both oil and acrylic, while mainly drawing in charcoal, pen and graphite. He remains focused on representational portraiture and figurative artwork, and has plans to develop his portfolio in landscape, cityscape, still life and abstract in the next few years. He is frequently hired for private commissions, instructs art and has developed his skills in photography, turning it into a career on it’s own. Daniel is now working on a large body of work surrounding the subject of censorship, and has plans for a solo Exhibition in 2013. He is currently attending leadership and communication seminars, and has passionately begun a community project surrounding the effects of the labelling of people in society. Daniel has plans to lead and transform other artists, while curating and contributing his unique showmanship to exhibits for upcoming artists and himself in his community.

Notable Projects

Square Art Circle Exhibitions | Ongoing
Moniker Gallery | 2013 | Group Exhibition
Menage a Quartre | 2008 | Ongoing
Studio 561| 2011 | Group Exhibition
Desinee Gallery | 2010 | Group Exhibition
Rejuvederme | 2008 | Nuit Blanche Exhibit #29
Suave Lounge | 2008
Love Craft Gallery | 2007
Chapters Brampton | 2007
Amanda Bittar Gallery | 2006 | Group Exhibition
De Luca Fine Art Gallery | 2006
Shoppers World | 2006
Latitude 44 Gallery | 2006
Jacob Gallery | 2006
Rose Theatre | 2006 – Community Festival
Hemingway’s Restaurant | Group Exhibition | Charity
Mississauga Central Library | 2006 – Solo Exhibition
Art Tao Gallery | 2005 – 2006 | Representation
Beaux-Arts Gallery | 2006 | Group Exhibition
Beaux-Arts Gallery | 2005 | Group Exhibition
Engine Gallery | 2005 | Group Exhibition
201 Queen East Gallery | 2005 | Group Exhibition
Niagra Gallery | 2005 | Group Exhibition
Visual Arts Mississauga | 2005 | Solo Exhibition
Whipper Snapper Gallery | 2005 | Group Exhibition
State of the Art Gallery | 2005
The Village Gallery | 2004
Gallery Streetsville | 2003 | Group Exhibition


Private Fine Art Study
Materials Process Workshops
Toronto Image Works | Graphic Design
Fine Art Reproduction | Art Tao Inc.

Skills / Offerings

Portraiture, Figurative, Still Life, Landscape, Wildlife, Abstract, Art Instruction

Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, Egg Tempra, Charcoal, Graphite, Metal Point, Conte & Pastel, Coloured Pencil, Pen & Ink, Mixed Media

Leadership, Event Coordination, Curating, Photography, Creative Writing, Marketing, Advertising, Graphic Design, Social Media, Event Painting, Art Reproduction, Sales

Computer Skills
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Bridge, Corel Painter, Microsoft Office, Mac & PC

Professional Associations

Square Art Circle
Moniker Gallery

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