Cheryl Teoh


Cheryl Teoh



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Traditional Visual Arts, Modern Visual Arts, New Media Arts


Design, Other, Painting


Cheryl Teoh was born in Malaysia, but because her father worked for the UN she was fortunate enough to travel and experience a wealth of cultures as diverse as Switzerland, Kenya and most recently Pakistan, all of which have broadened her perspective. A lot of the ideas that she explores in her work such as perception and identity were inspired by growing up in a strict Chinese family dynamic whilst also being socialized in the various and sometimes contrasting cultures. Cheryl Teoh is a self-taught artist who has predominately worked in pen and ink and color pencil to create eccentric and whimsical human-like creatures and fragmented portraits. Cheryl has shown a variety of her artwork at venues in and around London Ontario such as Bayfest in Sarnia, The Arts Project, ArtFusion, The Forest City Gallery and at the annual London Timeraiser whilst also creating unique commissioned pieces. Cheryl most recently made the move to Toronto and hopes to make her mark. Cheryl looks forward to the change of pace and new inspiration that the city of Toronto has to offer.

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