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Alan Hindle began his career in professional photography during the 1980s in his home town of Manchester, England. There was no shortage of subject matter; the city was the focus of a vibrant wave of popular culture in the UK and the bands, concerts, art galleries and nightclubs provided him with endless opportunities to develop his shooting skills.
After moving to Hong Kong in 1993, with the country on the cusp of change as the colonial era was coming to an end, Alan found plenty of inspiration in this energetic city that is home to many different cultures.  Throughout his time there he worked extensively on photographic assignments around the South East Asia region operating mainly in the corporate, commercial and publishing sectors.
In 2009 Alan was looking for a new challenge and by the end of the year he relocated to Canada, setting up his home and base in Toronto. Through Alan Hindle Photography, his thriving photographic company, Alan has gained the depth, exposure and experience required to be a seasoned professional photographer.  He specializes in portraits and corporate work.

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