Brockton Presents: No Regrets

Date & Time

Fri, Jun 21 2013 @ 7:00 pm


No Regrets, is an art exhibit that raises issues of human nature, the environments we create, and the excessive manners in which we live. These works explore the forms of escapism we gravitate towards, and then ironically need to escape from.

To regret is to look into the past at the things we cannot change, and wish we had played a stronger role in our actions. Often we are overly analytical of these past behaviours, causing us to feel a myriad of negative emotions, in turn preventing us from moving forward to a more auspicious future.

Presented by three Toronto-based artists working in mixed-media, No Regrets celebrates past hardships, the vices and defence mechanisms used to cope with regret, and the act of moving past these conflicts.

Public Preview – June 20 – 21 10PM – 6PM
Opening Reception – June 21 7PM
Private Viewing June 22-24 Call for appointment

T. (647) 725-0896


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