Brockton Presents: Done Being Wrong

Date & Time

Thu, Apr 17 2014 - Mon, Apr 21 2014 @ 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm


This exhibit is the collective culmination of work produced over the past year in OCAD U’s IAMD program. This dynamic group of interdisciplinary artists and designers, whose practices focus on the intersections of sculpture, painting, video, print, installation and other media, have emerged triumphant with art to show and share. While discussions on critical theory occupied their evenings and methodological investigations exploded their approaches to studio research, the students of OCAD U’s IAMD program cast off all anxieties and announce that they are finally Done Being Wrong.

+ Omar Badrin
+ Kris Brandhagen
+ Carole Burton
+ Marco Cibola
+ Colin Clark
+ Roberta McNaughton
+ Linda El Shami
+ Alda Escareno
+ Marina Fathalla
+ Anna Kovler
+ Pilar Fernandez Davila
+ Juan Francisco Bonilla
+ Siamak Haseli
+ Thomas Haskell
+ Lindsay Holton
+ Ana Jofre
+ J.P. King
+ Robert Cram
+ David Salazar
+ Benjamin Stacey
+ Ilias Toliadis
+ Michael Trommer
+ Miranda Whist

April 17th – 20th

Opening Night
Friday April 17th, 7:00pm

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Please RSVP via:
T. (647) 725-0896
E. [email protected]


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