Brockton Presents: Audacious Women

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Thu, Nov 14 2013 - Mon, Nov 18 2013 @ 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Ten multi-disciplinary female visual artists explore their journey through a visual narrative of life through the female lens, delving into concepts of collective oppression, trauma, stigma, pathos, social ideologies and psychological paradigms.

“Audacious Women” provides a bold visual palette that combines an array of artistic styles to accost your emotions and create inherent cultural dialogues of the modern female experience. Audacious Women beholds a strong promotional statement, “I am not ashamed of where I have been”, an eternally empowering and universal claim to put power back into the hands of the survivor and the individual, indiscriminate of creed, race, gender or orientation. Highly low-brow, representational and pop-art focused, AW fearlessly depicts the vulnerability of humanity and begs to question our social responsibility for the underdogs who slip between the cracks of society, uncovering our universal struggle with cultural norms, the implications of mental health barriers upon generations and the western world’s plight with outmoded views of femininity and masculinity.

From oil, mixed media to acrylic on canvas, AW showcases the works of Alicia Fricker, Amanda Robertson-Hebert, Aurora Kruk, Dahae Song, Dana McCool and Tess Millar with a collection of unapologetic renderings of women in precarious situations that evoke a sense of lost innocence. Rebecca Tisdelle-Macias of Black Umbrella Photography diatribes on the social constructs of female beauty, naturalism and the menstrual cycle in a series of self-portraits. Abstract artist Chloe James criticizes the notion of shame culture in a confessional piece on mental health and self-harm. Encaustic, wax and collage artist Ashley Windebank playfully forays through childhood trauma on canvas incorporating a cherubic, sculptural shrine installation. Laura Thipphawong exhibits “Princess” an illustration series interpreting classic fairy tales as depicted by a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Exhausted by the bombardment of the media’s concept of how women should present in society, Anna Crooke presents a projected film loop to challenge women to question how much of their own identity is self-constructed and how much has already been decided for them by an outside source.

In summary, Audacious Women seeks to reclaim identity by defining it as malleable, personal and ever-evolving. By rejecting stereotypes, boundaries and modes of restrictive social conduct that only hinders societal growth, AW only skims the surface of what moral responsibility belies in an outmoded political correctness that benefits very few.

Audacious Women runs from November 14-18
Private Opening Reception:
7-11pm, Thursday, November 14, 2013
Brockton Collective,
442 Dufferin St. Studio A, M6K 2A3.

Viewing after opening reception by appointment only.
Please contact Brockton by email or telephone.

Music by local female DJs:
Kill Your Rapist

Coat check available.

Guest list only, RSVP is a must!


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