HORUS:Tragic Romantic – Dec. 7, 2011

The Brockton Collective will hold its first official member Exhibit 7PM Wednesday December 7th 2011

When coming up with the concept for our first exhibit we quickly decided that we wanted our exhibit to have some down to earth and every day real meaning. After walking around for a bit it became clear no where is the spirit of message and art more common then in street graffiti and wall murals. After all these items are every where and exist for the sole purpose of delivering a message.

Graffiti is one of the earliest forms of art. The term in italian means scratch or inscriptions that are usually on walls or structures. Based on it’s meaning one can argue it is the oldest form of art. The earliest cave paintings could be considered graffiti based on the definition and have been around for about 30 thousand years. When writing became more common so too did graffiti. We can find graffiti in ancient egypt, rome, china and so on. One thing is for certain, through out time graffiti has been used as one of the truest form of expression, documentation.

Trevor Goodwin, aka Horus has been practising graffiti since 1997. A Co-founder of Style in Progress events and base Gallery -not-for-profit organizations providing events and venues for youth and urban artists. He acted as graffiti coordinator for Manifesto Festival, working with international guest artists and managing local talent during live events at Nathan Phillips Square and the AGO. He currently works as an illustrator and tattoo artist.

For More information on Horus please click here.

Doors Open 7PM @ 442-A Dufferin St. Toronto

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