We are a collective of artists and creatives devoted to facilitating and showcasing art. This collective is currently comprised of founding members. All of our members have an online public profile and the ability to network online in a private community. Members have access to all of facilities made available to us such as galleries, studios, and other event spaces.

In our first three years we have already welcomed over 300 members and we continue to grow. These members come from all walks of life and different stages in their careers. We strive to eliminate the red tape and high costs typically associated with traditional galleries and in doing so we represent a member base that truly reflects the diversity of art and artists here in Toronto.


We will challenge the “starving artist” trope, by creating a network that supports a “thriving artist”.

We believe that artists should have the capacity to support themselves financially without compromising the integrity of their art.


Through collaboration and teamwork we endeavour to become the first globally recognized commercial brand in art and art services.  

For far too long, the art profession has been viewed one-dimensionally, as a labour of love, and an end in itself, romanticized such that financial prosperity is defined as a threat to artistic authenticity. The Brockton Collective sees this perspective as destructive to both artists, and their craft. Our perspective recognizes that the value of art is multifaceted: it adds value on several levels, from the personal/subjective to  interrelational, to the broader culture – both local and global.  Art challenges us emotionally, intellectually and socially. It is instrumental in bringing beauty and nuance to spaces and places.

The Brockton Collective is a network whose objective is to help artists achieve sustainable incomes, by providing a variety of supports.


Social Justice: Fair remuneration for artists is a social justice issue.

Sustainability: Artists are skilled professionals, who deserve to make an income that sustains a viable lifestyle.

Inclusivity: At the Brockton inclusivity is not just a value, it is the expectation. This collective a safe and supportive space for *All* of us.

Creativity:  We respect and appreciate all creative forms, regardless of medium, genre or method.