TAVES 2015

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Sheraton Toronto North – Main Entrance Lobby

We’ve been invited back to TAVES!

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The Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show (TAVES) is “Canada’s ultimate consumer electronic show”.

This year’s show will take place from October 30th to November 1st, 2015 at Sheraton Parkway Hotel, in Richmond Hill, Ontario, which is situated in York Region. This region is home to 1000s of Information & Communications Technology companies (over 4,400). Subsequently, this area of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has been dubbed “Canada’s High Tech Capital”.

This year’s show will provide a great opportunity to showcase and promote your work, as well as network with others from a variety of creative fields. Space is available through out the main floor and conference area. We are honoured to be the only independent arts organization involved and are responsible for leading curation of the event. We are pleased to announce that Richmond Hill Arts and Centennial College will be joining us this year.

This will be The Brockton Collective’s second year at TAVES. Last year, we ran The Jolt Art Exhibit. It was excellently received – as one attendee put it, our participation was “a breath of fresh air” for for event goers. Along with our 2014 co-exhibitors (OCAD University, York University and Centennial College) the Brockton Collective showed the most work, displaying over 60 pieces. We also had six live painters during the three day event. We are please to say that we also sold the most work. About about 10% of all the art that was made available was sold. From the live painting component we sold about 50% of the work. We hope that you’ll join us in creating another creative, fun, and lucrative experience this year.

Just like last year, we are looking for high quality art. We hope to put together memorable, and thought-provoking exhibits that ‘wow’ attendees. We will elicit in them a visceral, embodied, emotional and intellectual reaction to the art; something that will ‘jolt’ them out of their everyday thoughts, and cause them to question their inner worlds, and the world around them. We want delegates to appreciate the art works and pique their interests in bringing some work home. If last year’s success is any indication, this venue will prove to be a great opportunity for art sales. This year’s show will continue the legacy of our 2014 show, and will be titled “Jolt Art Gallery”” as in, “to bring to a desired state sharply or abruptly”.

If you are interested in being a part of the show, we are now taking submissions. This is available to members only. Art submissions are free. If your art work(s) is selected you will be notified by email. Due to the location, we are not able to modify the walls, which means that all hanging solutions will have to be provided by us and will require a hanging fee. The hanging fee will be $30 for each easel required. A commission rate of 25% will be applied to any art work(s) that sells. Participation will grant you access to the show free of charge for all 3 days, a $35 value. The Deadline for Art Submissions is October 24, 2015 at midnight. Drop off for Art work will be October 28th and 29th and Pickup will be November 1 after 5PM.  We recognize that it may be difficult for artists to get up to Richmond Hill with art and are prepared to receive the art at 360 Geary Avenue. Please contact us if you will need assistance with transportation.

For more information on TAVES click here http://taveshow.com/.

Submit Art Sign Up for Live Painting Volunteer