1. TAVES 2015 Warp

    TAVES 2015 Warp

    The Brockton Collective had another successful year at the Toronto Audio Visual Consumer Show. Along with Richmond Hill Studio Tour and Centennial College, Brockton injected an exhilarating  artistic dimension into the conference, by once again showcasing our annual “Jolt Art Exhibit”. We were well-received, and had plenty of exposure to a diverse group of folks from throughout the GTA- with...

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  2. TAVES 2014 Wrap-Up

    TAVES 2014 Wrap-Up

    The Toronto Audio Visual Entertainment Show was a great success. The Jolt Art Exhibit component was as one lady put it “a breath of fresh air” for for event goers.  Along side OCAD University, York University and Centennial College; the Brockton Collective showed the most work with over 50 pieces. We also had 6 Live painters during the 3 day event. We...

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  3. Goodbye Studio!

    Goodbye Studio!

    Well the time has come to say goodbye to our first studio. After 3 amazing years our time at 442-A Dufferin St. in Toronto has run out. The Landlord has plans for the building that no longer involve a sprawling art collective, especially one as busy and loud as ours. At this point the option to renew our lease is not...

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  4. Brockton Collective Top 7 art collectives in Toronto

    Brockton Collective Top 7 art collectives in Toronto

    Blog TO votes Brockton Collective among top art collectives in Toronto! “Hiding in a nondescript industrial building on Dufferin just north of Queen lies the exhibition space for the Brockton Collective, a loose-knit group of creative types united by their desire to take advantage of the stellar venue. Thanks to the collective’s open member policy, Brockton now counts over 100...

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