1. Cyclorama!


    Construction of the long (33 feet) cyclorama wall began today, This wall when finished will provide about 29 feet of cyclorama. This wall is being engineered to be as plumb and straight as posible. This portion of the construction will still go on for a few more weeks.

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  2. Construction Begins!

    Construction Begins!

    Today we began construction of what we hope will be a great space. Our objectives are to create a space that can as flexible as possible for our members uses and still meet client needs. The plan is to create a massive studio area with a 29×17 foot cyclorama. The...

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  3. Space is Gutted and Floored…

    Space is Gutted and Floored…

    This week we finished gutting the space. After ripping the walls, old hardware and pipes down, we realized how big the space is. We considered leaving it as a completely open space but this will limit what we can do with the space. We had Air-EX Concrete grind and sand our floors before applying 2 coats...

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  4. It’s Alive

    It’s Alive

    Today the Brockton Collective secured it’s first property. With this we hope to provide an environment that will be conducive to studio productions and collaborations while providing the flexibility to also act as an exhibit and events venue. We are now beginning to plan the layout of the space.

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