1. TAVES 2014 Wrap-Up

    TAVES 2014 Wrap-Up

    The Toronto Audio Visual Entertainment Show was a great success. The Jolt Art Exhibit component was as one lady put it “a breath of fresh air” for for event goers.  Along side OCAD University, York University and Centennial College; the Brockton Collective showed the most work with over 50 pieces. We...

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  2. BlogTO Gallery Review

    BlogTO Gallery Review

    Check out BlogTO’s awesome review on the Brockton Collective. “But while it remains a safe bet for a great night out, what truly sets Brockton apart is its commitment to providing a professional (and most importantly, affordable) avenue for the city’s burgeoning artists and artistic organizations to receive some much...

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  3. Into Abstraction review

    Into Abstraction review

    Thank you to everyone that came out last night to Bradford Wilson’s “Into Abstraction”. We appreciate all the support. The exhibit is available until Monday March 25th from 10 AM – 5 PM. Viewings are by appointment only. Please call or email to book a viewing.  

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