1. Brockton Presents: Oui Paris

    Brockton Presents: Oui Paris

    From the Music Know It Alls that brought you Yes New York comes Oui Paris, an interactive installation and dance party that takes the immersive musical experience to the next level. ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ Using projections and the world’s first instagram music visualizer*, Oui Paris will transport attendees to...

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  2. Azari & III

    Azari & III

    We had Azari & III in the space for a bangin’ video production party last night! Hailing from Toronto, this local group has been receiving a lot of attention. With massive tracks like Hungry For The Power and Reckless (With Your Love) these guys have been lighting up dance floors all over the...

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  3. Great turn out for “At Arms Reach”

    Great turn out for “At Arms Reach”

    The Brockton Collective began the year on track with a gallery exhibit of Claudio Bianchi’s street photography, “At Arms Reach”, January 5 2012.  Claudio is an international artist who currently resides in Barcelona Spain. We had a great turn out and sold some art work. All and all a big...

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  4. SPIN MAGAZINE Shoots “Fucked Up”

    SPIN MAGAZINE Shoots “Fucked Up”

    Spin Magazine staff flew in from New York with photographer Lorenzo Bringheli  to shoot at Brockton Collective. They got some great photos of “Fucked Up” lead singer Damian Abraham. The issue hit the stands this month so run out and grab a copy! *Don’t forget our proximity to Porter Airlinesmakes our space an ideal...

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  5. Claudio Bianchi – At Arms Reach – Jan 5, 2012

    Claudio Bianchi – At Arms Reach – Jan 5, 2012

    The Brockton Collective will hold its second official member Exhibit Thursday January 5th 2012 at 7PM Claudio Bianchi is a stray dog and street photographer currently residing in Barcelona. Born in Mexico City, raised in Toronto, and artistically bred in a number of cities  across Canada, Bianchi’s crafty captures are meditations on the...

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